CNN once conducted a survey asking Americans which foods they missed the most while living abroad. #1 on the list was “Mexican food.” This did not surprise me. When was the last time that you enjoyed salsa or tortillas?

I was lucky. While I lived abroad, I had my fill of quesadillas, enchiladas, and tostadas. Not to mention access to a rich diversity of street food! Fresh squeezed mandarin orange juice, warm corn with chili powder and cheese, late night tamales, and gorditas. 

Because I value each and every one of my readers, I shared the wealth by posting some of my favorite recipes here and on my sister blog, Beyond Vitamin T. Enjoy, and ¡buen provecho!

Click here for main dish recipes
Click here for salad recipes
Click here for salsa and sauce recipes
Click here for soup recipes
Click here for dessert recipes


Only one of the following is a typical dish served in Mexico. Which item originates south of the border?

A. Nachos
B. Margaritas
C. Fajitas
D. Tacos
E. Chimichangas


D. Tacos. All others were invented in the United States!


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