My rural mountain casa

It is a small town, but it was my town. I shared it with about 1,500 other people, and they continue to share their tortillas and tea with me.

My pueblo

My pueblo

It is surrounded by trees and mountain peaks reaching up to 10,000 feet. Dotted between the houses are hay fields, chickens, and grazing horses. The gas for cooking is delivered by trucks once a week. They announce their presence with songs through a loudspeaker strapped to the roof. The smell of burning firewood reminded me that mothers in most homes still make tortillas by hand.

I beat the internet there; there still isn’t any. But there is a reasonable cell signal, and most of the roads are paved. Sometimes the town is without water for days at a time, and most people – including me when I lived there – wash their clothes by hand. The water is not heated. My hands were rarely warm.

Hay fields in my pueblo

Hay fields in the pueblo

For me, it is heartbreakingly beautiful. The moon rises over the mountain crests, the stars are brighter than I had seen in years, and clean, crisp air chilled my nose; I was constantly remind myself how lucky I was to live in this town so filled with warm hearts, fresh milk and eggs, and only the occasional bray of a donkey to interrupt the tranquility.

My home was my little casita. The morning sun cast a lovely light over my potted herbs on the kitchen windowsill. Everything was colorful and practical. Especially my speakers that filled the house with the Blues, Cumbia, Indie Rock, Folk, and Bluegrass. If I angled the speakers right, I could hear the music from my hammock.

You would love it here. I sure did.

My kitchen. Still waiting for a fridge, will not have an oven.

The kitchen

My living room with fireplace

The living room with fireplace



Time for tea by the windowsill

Time for tea by the windowsill

My bedroom

The bedroom

Colorful mantle

Colorful mantle

I made that!

I made that!


3 responses to “My rural mountain casa

  1. Slightly short of the best place ever (if you can live without some amenities you think you’re used to)

  2. Just (finally) looking through your Life in Mexico section – think looks awesome! May need to borrow this idea for my blog content update 🙂

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