My Career Goals

I am deeply committed to coupling environmental conservation practices with the social and development needs of local communities.

When I saw the position description for Protected Areas Management volunteers, I saw the potential for helping people incorporate sustainability into their lives. I was excited to create income-generating opportunities that lessen the pressures of poverty on the individual and the environment. 

My choice to serve as a Protected Areas Management Volunteer was made to gain hands-on project management experience in the fields of International Development and Conservation. I was also excited to learn a new and useful language. To learn more about my primary project, click here.

Now that I have completed my service, I am confident that my experience will open doors at a government agency, think-tank, contracting agency, or non-profit organization. Do you know anyone who is hiring?

Apple jam: income-generating product made from renewable resources, and creates a product can be consumed in the household or can be sold to tourists as a regional delicacy.

Apple jam: made from renewable resources; sold to tourists as a regional delicacy



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