Photo Blog: Mexican textures

Rough or prickly,
squishy or soft,
grainy or covered in scales…

…textures can make you want to plunge your hand into a pile of dried beans or trace your finger across stone ruins.

Here are some of the things that I have touched – or tried not to touch! – in the past year:

Things that grow

Things made by hand

Things from the ancient world

Things that creep and things that crawl

Things with tasty textures

Things that prickle and poke

Things that stand big and tall


5 responses to “Photo Blog: Mexican textures

  1. I read it as scary lizard, and since it was between a tarantula and a rattlesnake I thought there must be something more to this lizard then meets the eye! Then I realized it said scaly, but I still like the idea that it has a crazy back story that makes the tarantula and the rattlesnake worry.

    • After reading your comment, it must have been a typo on my part. I like my lizards terrifying.
      You also just reminded me: I was offered the chance to eat a 5 foot iguana but had to pass since I was leaving town that night. It was as scary as it was scaly.

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