Questions for your neighbor

I just discovered a really funny, politically incorrect newspaper column called ¡Ask a Mexican! A man named Gustavo Arellano quips in response to all of those deep-down questions that non-Mexican Americans have secretly wondered about the largest foreign demographic in the USA. It is hilarious.

As an Estadounidense living in Mexico, I get funny questions about Americans all the time. I can certainly relate to Gustavo as a stranger living in a strange land. And I love answering these questions!

  • On The Other Side, you leave your parents house when you are so young! Don’t you love your family?
  • Why would you leave the USA to come live in Mexico? People usually go the other way!
  • In the USA, you don’t like eating chilies, huh? Do you ever get tired of eating hamburgers?
  • Is everyone really Christian up there?
  • It is super cold in the United States, right? It must not feel cold to you here, huh?

Because I have so much fun with these questions, and because it is one of Peace Corps big goals, I want to give you the opportunity to ask a question to my friends in Mexico in the hopes of letting you participate in these funny, sometimes off-the-cuff conversations. I think it is a great chance for us neighbors to get to know each other better.

Your questions can be anything, don’t worry about being politically incorrect! As long as it comes from genuine curiosity, you should ask! Please post a question in the comments section, or email me. I will post the responses in a future post.

Get your creativity on, folks; they are happily awaiting your questions!



Ideas for questions. These can be asked if you can’t think of one. Some I have been asked, others I read in the ¡Ask a Mexican! column.

  • Why is it that Mexicans go everywhere with the WHOLE family?
  • I work with lots of Mexicans. It takes them ten minutes to say hello everyday, and they have to say hello to EVERYONE individually. What’s the deal?
  • Why do Mexicans put stickers on their car to honor dead family members?
  • Are chaperons still required when wanting to date a Mexican woman?
  • How can Mexicans fit so much stuff in pickup trucks?
  • Why do Mexicans have so many names?
  • Why do Mexican men love their mothers so much?
  • Why do Mexicans love roses so much?


 Making me smile

  • Along with the arrival of a certain special someone, I got a king’s ransom of special treats. Double win
  • Near my home is a beautiful limestone cave filled with pools of very swimmable hot pools of water and cascading  hot waterfalls. Can you say awesome?
  • My home-compost planning is coming along nicely, and the community is showing interest in having me lead a home-composting workshop. How fun
  • Got my first pair of climbing/bouldering shoes. Next time you see me, I will have scuffed up but very strong fingertips
  • Finally, I am getting good at networking. And it is allowing me to meet such interesting people here and getting me hooked into cool workshops

2 responses to “Questions for your neighbor

  1. What are your remedies for common ailments like flu, upset stomach, diarrhea, monthly cramps, mal-aire, etc?

  2. Question for neighbor – we hear so much about the horrible drug violence. It’s so concerning. How has that affected your lives? Has it changed how you travel, work or in making long term plans? Has it directly shown up in your area?

    Lighter question – the Graphic Novels – I’ve heard they are much more popular and more “read” than traditional books w words. True?

    Besides chilies, what food are we missing out on most? What ingredient (fruit, veg, meat, fish), dish, condiment or recipe should we most absolutely try?

    What’s your favorite part of Mexico?
    Hidden gem area?

    Ok – came up with a couple. This was fun. Thanks for asking
    Miss you a lot, but sounds like you are having a blast!
    Love from all of us

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