She’s a legit volunteer now

In my bedroom, suitcases are half-filled.  Possessions are strung across every flat surface. It is a disorderly mess.
This morning, I had to wipe off many lipstick marks from my cheeks. Mexicans love kissing cheeks.
Photos are being tagged on facebook as I type.

Friend tagged: We got to meet the Ambassador!

You all know what that means, right? As of today, I no longer a trainee.
I am officially a Peace Corps Volunteer.

In two days, I will board a bus heading east for my new home. As with any major life change, this one is bittersweet. Of course I am filled with idealistic dreams about the new life that I will build. My hopes are high, and I feel so fortunate to be exactly where I am. However, it is sad to leave behind all of my new friends, who have somehow quickly developed into family.

Suerte to all of my fellow trainees Group 13 Volunteers. You all have amazing heart. Keep inspiring those around you!


Making me smile:

  • Duh; being a volunteer, and all that comes with it!
  • Eating a legit soft pretzel from a Swiss bakery café
  • In my Spanish class, one student suddenly realized that the word for city, ciudad, is pronounced exactly like “see you dad!”
  • Local colloquialism: Staying at the Hotel of 1000 Stars = camping on the beach

3 responses to “She’s a legit volunteer now

  1. Who-hoo! You’re on your way now. We have enjoyed reading about your life so far and we expect it will get even more exciting!


  2. Congrats!! and Well Done!! It’s been such an amazing journey already — and you’re just at the beginning. That pin is beautiful. Really touches my heart. I don’t imagine there are too many folks who get one of those. Best wishes for the newest adventure

    Love to you,
    Aunt Kathleen

  3. This is awesome, just spent the last hour reading all your stuff. Great pictures and genuine giggles! So glad you are well and Congrats on the official volunteer status. Will definitely keep reading, take good care. Buenos noches chica bonita!

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