Photo blog: The Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope (noun)
Originally from Greek, meaning “examine the beautiful form you see”


 After spending eight years on the other side of the country, I returned to my mother’s house this summer. Those five weeks gave me the time to finally dig through my old, crumpled boxes precariously stacked into a corner inside the guest closet.  Among the yearbooks and childhood dolls, I found a dusty old travel journal smushed into the recesses of a box. It told the story of my first impressions of Mexico.

Apparently, my nineteen-year-old self stepped out of the plane in Mexico City and almost immediately thought: “what a chaotic, loud, crazy mess with so many sounds, smells, colors, cheap toys and tacos, but mostly people.”

Now, over ten years later, I think that my host mother says it better:

Mexico is a Kaleidoscope: full of colors, full of flavors, full of life.
–Señora Margarita

To you, my reader, I present a small sampling of my Kaleidoscopic life, in photos.


15th birthday party dress









Street art and murals abound in Mexico
“Singing is the voice of the heart”


Rainbow colors!

For Dia de los Muertos altars

Paper flowers


Making me smile:

  • Chocolate covered frozen bananas for less than $1
  • Cars pulling over for a street-side serenade from a live music trio
  • Explaining the term “beer jacket” to my host family
  • Finding hummus at a restaurant called “Hola, mi nombre es Kong”
  • Rooftop evenings and sharing 3am quesadillas with friends
  • Learning that a common practice in the countryside for proving ones manhood is to pay money to hold onto metal rods that are attached to a car battery for as long as possible. Shakes head while chuckling.
  • Hayfields in the early morning sunshine
  • So-called “Vitamin T” or Tacos, Tamales, Tortas, Tostadas, Tortillas, Tequila

    Line for some late-night Vitamin T


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