Photo blog: Around Querétaro

Around Querétaro

Looking beyond the cotton candy vendors who crowd the narrow, cobbled streets;
Children stretch their arms far, trying to catch some bubbling water cascading into a fountain.
The gentle breeze brushes past with lingering scents of warm tamales, ready-to-eat.
One of many crumbling Baroque stone churches serves as a backdrop;
And plays a concert of church bells that reminds us about Mexican Time.

Querétaro’s centro historico is a captivating place. Even front doors are seen as opportunities for art.
Glancing inside open doors always reveals a secret: a contemporary art exhibit; a circus performance; a family fiesta; a cactus garden surrounding an orange tree; an altar to the Virgin Mary; an artisanal honey shop; a “panadaria” or bakery. I always take the chance to peek, and I took these photos wondering what might be on the other side of these doors?

Door bells



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