First post from Mexico!

I have made it safely to Mexico, and commenced living the next chapter in my Peace Corps life: Pre-Service Training. Accordingly, I have updated the “My life in Mexico” sections in the links above. But before you read that, here are a few things that keep me smiling:

  • My host family’s dog delivers ripe garden tomatoes to the back door without teeth marks
  • My host mother serves me mangoes with homemade yogurt, everything she cooks is amazing
  • The Peace Corps office courtyard is replete with buganvilia and avocado trees – beautiful
  • I came across beets and nuts in my fruit salad
  • My bedroom has an antique Singer sewing machine, just like in my bedroom in the USA
  • Communication is more dynamic when learning Spanish; gesturing and acting and facial expressions all get the meaning across in a hilarious manner
  • I had the courage to eat, and enjoy!, avocado and grasshopper taquitos
  • My host father puts salsa on everything, including his pesto pasta
  • Regularly, I see wild parrots on my commute
  • Silly grammar mistakes make everyone laugh – I told an old woman that she is 30 years old when she asked about my age. She said “thank you! I knew I looked good today!”

Still becoming accustomed to:

  • Wearing shoes in the house all of the time
  • Living a less independent lifestyle
  • Eating huge lunches and tiny dinners

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