Hasty airport post

Today is the day. I am excited about…

Making new friends I have already met the other trainees (just over 20 of us). By tomorrow I will be welcomed by the Peace Corps staff and my new host family. I look forward to the inevitable sharing of care package items and local discoveries among good friends, sharing successes with the staff, and learning how to make some mean tortillas from my host family.

Dreaming in Spanish because that’s when you know that you have made it.

Learning lessons the hard way because they are more easily remembered when earned. I also hope for some easy lessons tucked in there for good measure.

New foods +new recipes because cooking is what I do.  It is wonderful working with my hands, and it is one of the ways that I share my love with others.

Pen pals When I was 13, I had a pen pal from France. I miss the stamps and the funny questions and the joy of getting something desirable in the mail. That is one of the reasons that I signed up for a classroom correspondence program, and that’s also why I am looking forward to exchanging letters with you!

Filling in the gaps finding out where I will live and learning more specifics about my job to develop a more complete picture of how this next chapter will look and feel.

Sleeping and showering after traveling of course.

And you? What are you excited about today?


One response to “Hasty airport post

  1. Learning lessons the hard way…
    Yeah, nothing comes for free. And only pain will make you remember, eh? Wrong! Sometimes you get lucky and you’ll gather experiences/skills/… w/o paying a steep price. However, sometimes not. However (again), I hope you’ll be lucky.

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