All packed up and ready to go

I thought about listing everything contained in my suitcases, but that’s just too much work. Instead, I will regale you with some of the less obvious items on my packing list.

  • Immersion blender because food processors are just too bulky. For those who know me well, this bizarre item makes total sense.
  • Spices 12 of them! From sumac to paprika, from curry to cardamom. I scoured a Mexican cookbook and stocked up on anything not listed.
  • Food items tahini, pomegranate molasses, luna bars, chai tea, and an embarrassing quantity of dried cranberries. Maybe the first Peace Corps volunteer who opted for these foods rather than Oreos, Peanut butter, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
  • Embroidery supplies a nice, portable craft that will make me seem either much older or much more of a hipster than I actually am.
  • Snorkel and mask for all of the high desert snorkeling opportunities? Nope. If I don’t live by the sea, I’ll surely vacation there!
  • A plastic bottle with holes  found on the beach two years ago. Holes were from sea turtle bites. Makes a great environmental teaching tool and is quite portable and light.
  • Toothpaste imported from Germany because I have grown accustomed to it in the last two years. And because someone in my life is very thoughtful.

Sadly did not make the cut

  • 1 Pickle from Spreewald, Germany. 100 grams, no less! A very thoughtful gift with a shelf-life that allows me to enjoy it when I return. In  2014.

Today I will check in to the hotel and meet some fellow volunteers; tomorrow is passport/work visa, paperwork, and rules day; Wednesday…see you later USA!

Several people have asked how I am feeling at the moment, seeing that I am on the precipice of big changes. My answer: maybe it is denial or maybe I have had so much time to think about the whole process. Overall, I am pretty neutral about the whole thing, but I am very curious to see what other people have packed!


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