Two weeks

Two weeks from today I’ll be on an airplane to Mexico. Even at this point, I am guessing about many details. Here’s what I know:

I will live in Querétaro for three months, hosted by a local family. Won’t know anything about them until I arrive. Training sessions take up about 45 hours each week. Business casual attire only, lots of focus on Spanish. At some undisclosed point, I will be told where I will live and work for the next two years. City or village? Coastal or in-land? Warm or cool climate? All mysteries.

But before any of this happens, I will meet up with my fellow trainees in the States. In DC, we will sort out the final paperwork before our departure. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!

For the next few months, I expect:

  • To smile awkwardly during cultural misunderstandings
  • To laugh knowingly after cultural misunderstandings
  • To get lost –purposefully – because there are lessons to be learned in finding your way
  • To eat plenty of corn, cactus, and beans along with some potentially wince-inducing foods
  • To be homesick for friends and family, for my own kitchen, and for Mediterranean cuisine
  • To open a box of Pepto chewables
  • To feel giddy about small daily tasks, because they will be completed…in Spanish!
  • To be anxious and excited to start my new job and to set up a new home for myself
  • To be optimistic about all of the possibilities, because that is what I do

One thing is certain, I know that I won’t run short on sunscreen, even with the Irish skin.

My 13 ounce supply


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