The American sampler platter: a cross-country road trip

The three travelers

Along with completing a litany of “official forms” and “proper procedures,” the Peace Corps requires volunteers to agree to a few rules before heading to their new home country. Sounds dull right? Well, most are. However, under the guise of “preparing my personal and professional life to make a commitment to serve abroad for a full term of 27 months,” I had to drive across the country with some friends. You know, for work

Boston is approximately 3,100 miles from San Francisco. It should take about 3 days if the drive is non-stop. But why would anyone do that? For me, the trip took 25 days and was something like 5,750 miles; just shy of 237 gallons of gas.

It took me across 23 states and taught me some impressive luggage tetris skills. And after the whole thing – after nights of tent camping, roach motels, and the occasional luxury of staying with friends/family – I didn’t even want to kill my travel companions! And I collected some funny stories along the way.

All in all, happy I did it and even happier that it is finally over. What an exhausting trip.

Without further ado, I present you with an interactive map of our journey. I suggest that you click on “View Larger Map,” located just below the map.  Our route is marked with stories and photos collected along the way. Click on the blue markers to read short stories and on the pink markers to see photos. Enjoy!


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