Quick update + an official announcement

It’s been a while! Not due to lack of interest in writing on my part, more due to lack of internet.

The road trip, now complete, was an exhausting good time. At the finish line, I was greeted with an official invitation from the Peace Corps to serve as a Natural Resources Management Specialist in Mexico. Perfect! It came with a little more information about the position as well as a host of additional paperwork for my inbox. Things are looking good.

I plan to write a nice update about the road trip, but it is still in the works. Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite. Check back in about a week for more!


American ingenuity 

As I walk through a farm-stand in rural Virginia, past the taxidermied turkey which sports a sassy outfit in addition to a healthy coat of dust, I look for the cashier. Once I spot him, I make enough polite conversation until I feel that I can ask my question.
“What’s the deal with that?” I ask, pointing to the small plastic bag dangling high and center above the open front door. It is half-filled with water and contains two pennies.
“Keeps out the flies,” the cashier answers, matter-of-factly.
I am thoroughly intrigued. “Really!? How does it work??”
“Dunno. My friend told me it works, so I made one. Works like a charm. Ain’t no flies commin’ in here.”
And that was that. I grabbed my fresh blackberries, onion, and tomatoes, and continued on the road toward Jerry Falwell Parkway, baffled.


ImageOur home base!


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