Boston: So Long & Thanks For The Friends

I have been saying goodbye with unfortunate frequency in the past week. One would think that with so much practice, I might become a bit more articulate or eloquent. That is unfortunately not the case.

Here are the things that I wish I could have said to everyone in addition to that long, bittersweet hug. It is true of each one of you:

Boston has been my home for eight years. It is the longest long-term relationship I have ever had. It nearly saw me through my entire 20s. It tested my wherewithal and taught me countless lessons. And the cool thing is, you were a part of that.

I love that being in Boston reminds me of you – the places where we would meet or where shenanigans happened, the route to your house. That really shows me that the people make up so much of the places where we live.

It has been an honor to grow and change with you over the years. I love that we know embarrassing things about each other. You are amazing, and I am so lucky to have shared a part of your life with you. Thank you.

Confession. It is so much easier to type all of this. If I said it in person, I would likely have tears in my eyes. But I am a cheater, so here you go. The message you deserve to hear, digital rather than vocal.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. I am off to enjoy my unemployment fun-employment.


One response to “Boston: So Long & Thanks For The Friends

  1. Lessons from Boston/Bridge: It’s OK to ride your bike at 2am and chill by the river. Then maybe invade the local playground for a ride on the giant saucer. It’s more the OK. It’s essential.

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